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Turbocharge how your teams collaborate and communicate.

Better Still Teams graphic
Better Still Teams graphic

Teamwork is vital to professional work, where assignments are often complex, interdependent, and fast-moving. Yet outstanding collaboration doesn’t happen by accident. To ensure the best thinking, decision-making, coordination, action, and learning together, you’ll need to foster conditions for collaboration excellence. This is even more important when team members work remotely.

Better Still can be your ally. Our Teamwork & Collaboration Solution combines assessment surveys, Better Still Catalysts, digital job-aid tools, our competency model, coaching, and consulting—live and online, and tailored to your requirements.

Better Still Teams graphic

Call on us to elevate team performance and engagement, or when your team faces collaboration challenges. We work with intact teams, project teams, cross-functional teams, colocated teams, remote teams, and cross-geography teams.

Improve teamwork in practical and profound ways.

Better Still Catalysts elevate professional teamwork, and they anchor our Teamwork & Collaboration Solution. Each catalyst includes specific actions that professionals and teams can take to improve work.

1Strengthen Yourself

Be and contribute your best at work, and increase your engagement as you do. This asset-focused catalyst of superior performance emphasizes professionals’ personal choices, responsibilities, and ethics.

2Think With Others

Generate effective, smart thinking together. Productive interactions embody curiosity, emotional intelligence, inclusion, creativity, and communication skills that build understanding and promote learning.

Better Still Catalysts work together and separately to elevate the work of your teams and professionals.

3Decide With Others

Make wise and smart decisions to set direction and inform the actions that follow. Excellent, disciplined decision-making has many elements that functional aptitude alone does not guarantee.

4Manage Standards With Others

Make excellent, relevant, and explicit standards a centerpiece of your professional work, to strengthen your interactions and ensure quality results. The effective use of standards informs every other element of the Better Still Solution.

5Coordinate With Others

Lay the groundwork for effective action. In this crucial transitional step, professionals align priorities, identify collaboration opportunities, assign energizing tasks, and establish performance expectations.

Each catalyst includes specific actions that professionals and teams can take to improve work.

Hover over a catalyst to learn more.

6Get Things Done With Others

Propel positive action together, whether you’re executing or experimenting. Effective professionals are scrupulous about their commitments, and learn and recalibrate in real time.

7Share Feedback With Others

Embrace and prioritize feedback as a key to organizational learning, and a source of vital information that allows professionals and work to thrive. When done with awareness and skill, the benefits of feedback are profound.

To help you activate the catalysts across your team, we will supply Better Still Tools that your team can use right away, and every day. The tools make collaboration better now—often within minutes—and better still, for the long term.

Here is a sampler of tools that optimize teamwork:

Better Still Tool 2.2 How to Communicate with People Who Aren't Like You image
Better Still Tool 3.1 How to Strengthen Decision-Making with Strategic Questions image
Better Still Tool 4.5 How to Create a System of Standards to Sustain Quality Work image
Better Still Tool 5.3 How to Assign Tasks That Energize Performers and Deliver Results image
Better Still Tool 6.2 How to Determine Whether You're Executing or Experimenting image

The tools encourage constructive, respectful engagement among team members, and provide a powerful, common platform to think and work together.

We may also recommend and direct your team to select “tool plans,” which combine and sequence Better Still Tools on behalf of specific goals.

Among the currently available tool plans for teams are:

Create Powerful Interactions Together • Build a Platform for Creative Thinking • Make Great Decisions Together • Communicate to Improve Coordination and Action • Recalibrate to Keep Work on Course • Use Feedback to Make Work Better

We can also construct custom tool plans for your team. 

Below are sample images of a tool plan.

Better Still Teamwork Toolkit Tool 5.3 Plan Example
Better Still Teamwork Toolkit Tool 4.5 Plan Example
Better Still Teamwork Toolkit Tool 4.4 Plan Example

Turn remote teamwork into excellent teamwork.

Physical distance between colleagues increases the risk of misunderstandings, errors, and diminished work relationships.

With our Teamwork & Collaboration Solution and Better Still Tools, you can create powerful connections among remote workers to ensure that quality work gets done and relationships remain strong.

The solution and tools equip you to fortify and focus the daily interactions and collaboration practices that make a remote team go—meetings, decisions, coordinated actions, and more—as well as how team members think and learn together across distance.

Where to begin? The Better Still Team Assessment is a good place to start.

Prepare new teams to perform well from the outset, and enhance the capabilities of existing teams, with our Better Still Team Assessment & Development Plan for intact teams, project teams, and cross-department teams. The assessment evaluates factors across all seven Better Still Catalysts, and provides team leaders and team contributors with a rich resource to strengthen collaborative performance. The development plan gives team members a practical structure to address team deficiencies and augment strengths, using Better Still Tools.

When it’s time to optimize your team, please contact us. We’ll help you to imagine what’s possible and plan a path forward.
Better Still Teams graphic