Make your life, relationships, and career better, too.

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At Better Still, it’s not unusual to hear this request: “You’ve helped our work and our team with your Better Still Tools. Can you do the same for other parts of my life?”

Thank you for asking, and yes, we can. For a limited number of clients, we are pleased to provide live and online tool-based coaching and instruction for individuals, couples, and families, to support life and career choices, and help you enhance your relationships.

As with our work with professionals and teams, our engagements to support the personal realms of life are based on these core philosophies:

We focus our personal engagements in these areas:

We draw upon Better Still survey-based assessments and our competency model, and use Better Still Tools that clients can access and practice. Sample step-by-step tools include:

Better Still Tool 1.1 How to Discover What Gives You Joy image
Better Still Tool 1.2 How to Reveal and Use Your Strengths image
Better Still Tool 1.3 How to Evaluate and Enrich Your Character image
Better Still Tool 1.5 How to Find Composure in Emotionally Provoking Situations image
Better Still Tool 2.2 How to Communicate With People Who Aren't Like You image
Better Still Tool 2.3 How to Be Authentic in Your Interactions with Others image
Better Still Tool 2.6 How to Listen Well image
Better Still Tool How to Recognize a Standard image
Better Still Tool 4.4 How to Align Your Standards With Another Person's Standards image
Better Still Tool 5.4 How to Make a Request image

To learn more about Better Still Solutions for life, career, and relationships, please contact us and we’ll be happy to explore possibilities with you.