Maximize the “team” in your very good HR team.

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Is your Human Resources team delivering on its full potential? Do you see opportunities to do even better work together? Would you like the engine of your HR operations to hum? Do you wish to strengthen your team’s work with other G&A departments?

Across the critical people functions that make your organization run, your HR department may be rich with individual talent and expertise—in compensation, benefits, talent acquisition, talent management, learning & development, your HR business partners, and more.

That doesn’t guarantee that your HR team is operating at its very best, however.


To take your HR team to the next level of excellence, look beyond functional expertise. Strengthen how your team works together— and works with clients—with Better Still as your partner.

We’ve worked with, and in, HR teams for decades. We respect how challenging and complex your work is, across every HR function—especially today. Our expertise is an ideal complement to yours.

Explore how Better Still can strengthen your HR team. 


Invite Better Still to assess how well your HR team is operating as a team.

We’ll administer our Better Still HR Team Assessment across your entire HR team, or to your HR leadership team, or both. The assessment’s 50 questions pinpoint specific and pragmatic areas related to daily teamwork—how you communicate together, how you decide together, how you coordinate work, and much more.

We’ll analyze your team’s responses, and present you with a graphical profile of your collective results—pinpointing specific opportunities to strengthen how your HR team can work better together, every day. We can then recommend a plan of action that you can activate right away.

Let us introduce Better Still Tools to fortify your HR teamwork.

With your assessment results and action plan as guides, we’ll give your team members access to our proprietary, digital Better Still Tools so you can make immediate improvements to your work as an HR team. Each tools combines no-nonsense, step- by-step guidance with the business orientation of organizational leaders and the concentrated wisdom of an executive coach. Among the Better Still Tools that can be especially useful to HR teams:

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Better Still Tool 2.8 How to Foster Creative Thinking in a Team image
Better Still Tool 3.1 How to Strengthen Decision-Making with Strategic Questions image
Better Still Tool 4.3 How to Create an Effective Standard image

We will orient you to Better Still Tools, and provide coaching and support as you use them, so you gain the most value from them—in meetings, in one-on-one and group interactions, and on your own.

Better Still Tool 5.3 How to Assign Tasks That Energize Performers and Deliver Results image
Better Still Tool 6.2 How to Determine Whether You're Executing or Experimenting image
Better Still Tool 7.4 How to Lay the Groundwork to Reveal Hidden Opinions in Groups image

Invite us to design and facilitate capacity-building sessions with your HR team.

Give your HR team the professional-development attention you provide generously to your internal clients. Better Still will create and deliver custom-designed learning sessions where you and your HR colleagues can learn and practice vital teamwork skills, using Better Still Catalysts and Tools.

In addition, we can facilitate working sessions to help your HR team develop standards and practices that will strengthen how you advance organizational and business-unit strategies.

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Ask us to equip your HR Partners to succeed even more with internal clients.

Your HR Partners have intimate and strategic knowledge of the talent needs in the business units they support. Sometimes they serve as advisor-coaches to guide supervisors and employees through management or interpersonal challenges. Other times, they work with senior leaders to prepare a team for future success.

Better Still can deepen and broaden the vital work of HR Partners. We will:

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You may take it even further with the Better Still Certification Program, where you can certify HR Partners and other internal coaches in enhancing your organization with Better Still Tools, tool plans, assessments, and the Better Still Coaching Method.

Take your HR team to another level of excellence. Please contact us to learn more about Better Still’s services for HR.