Change management SOLUTION

Make smart, sane change happen during this time of change.

In this period of tumult, do more than react to the changes around you. Guide your organization or your team through intelligent change that will position you for success.

Better Still’s Sane ChangeSM method will help you to advance vital change initiatives, while building internal change capabilities among your leaders and teams. You can make positive change happen now, and become better prepared to make future changes happen—sanely.

The Sane Change method guides you through six logical, sequential steps that support organizational changes large or small, rapid or long term, transformational or transactional. It will make your change smart, humane, and effective, drawing on Better Still’s experience in guiding hundreds of change initiatives, and augmented by Better Still Tools and proprietary support process.

Sane Change: Your pathway to change success in six steps

Three steps prepare you, and three steps propel you.



Your clear and resonant motivation for change, rooted in strategic priorities and your organizational core.



A smart, considered definition of your change, built on data and stakeholder needs.



Key support and ample, aligned change resources, enlivened by a persuasively communicated vision.


the path.

A scripted tactical plan of action, with crisp targets and milestones.


Make the

Thoughtfully managed change actions, complete with quick wins, excellent communication, and real-time learning and calibration.


it in.

Simple, effective processes to secure the change and orient confidently to the new way of working and being.

When we work with you and your colleagues to advance your change projects through the six steps of Sane Change, you’ll be supported by Better Still’s proprietary support process, which incorporates:

Process Efficiency

Smart architecture to organize work activities

Navigation Design

Wayfinding support so you always know where you are in the process

Human Psychology

Motivation-and-reward methods to keep people moving through the change


Relevant information and insight about change, on demand


Support for healthy collaboration


Learning and skill-building
all the way through

You’ll also be supported by a number of Better Still Tools as you progress your change, so you and your colleagues can work together as effectively as possible. Here’s a sampler:

Better Still Tool 2.5 How to Advocate to Create Better ideas image
Better Still Tool 3.2 How to Figure Out What You're Deciding image
Better Still Tool 3.3 How to Use Relevant Facts to Tackle Your Problem image
Better Still Tool 5.2 How to Reveal and Reconcile Competing Priorities image
Better Still Tool 5.3 How to Assign Tasks that Energize Performers and Deliver Results image
Better Still Tool 6.2 How to Determine Whether You're Executing or Experimenting image
Better Still Tool 6.5 How to Strengthen Actions Through Real-Time Learning image

How a Sane Change engagement works

Better Still will work with you virtually through your change initiative, including:

Sane Change supports many different types of change needs


Repositioning, rebranding, entering 
new markets


Overhauling back-office processes, restructuring, centralizing or decentralizing operations


Rethinking and redesigning fundamental aspects of your business or culture


Changes constrained to the mechanics of how work gets done

Use Sane Change for small-scale projects or large ones.


Sane Change helps organizational leaders and teams to design and implement a successful, human-focused change project from end to end, combining practical, step-by-step guidance with rich insights about organizational change that build your capacities in change-making for years to come.

Its six steps are based on proven methods that have aided organizational change agents in projects of varying sizes and types. Where other models and practices target the top leadership, organizational theorists, or consumers, Sane Change is designed to assist those inside organizations who are closer to the change action and who are directly responsible for a change project’s success.

In addition to being a change method, Sane Change is a philosophy about organizational change, in which change is a normal endeavor for all organizations to keep them healthy and relevant, and when approached properly, is a capability that any organization can master and execute well.
Better Still People grid

Putting people at the center of your organizational change

The success of your organizational-change initiative rises and falls in direct proportion to how well you design and plan for the human dimensions of change. Sane Change applies six principles of human-centered organizational change in every engagement:

Respect people’s dignity
Encourage people’s participation in the change
Design for all the change phases a person will go through
Nourish people through the process
Harness the power of groups and systems
Remember that change is a journey

With Sane Change, you can strengthen your organization’s human system while you advance your business priorities.

“The Sane Change method has a way of calming the nervous systems of those who attempt organizational change, because it offers both wise guidance and a practical roadmap. Those who face a complex change, especially for the first time or on the heels of prior failures, can feel daunted by the task ahead: Where do I start? What if I forget something? In what order should I pursue the activities? What mistakes should I avoid? How can I tackle this assignment while I still manage a day job? Sane Change provides change sanity, by encouraging people to begin at the beginning, to put one step ahead of another, to breathe, and to trust that the later steps are already mapped out for them.”

From our forthcoming book Sane Change: Successful Organizational Change in Six Steps • A Practitioner’s Guide

Sane Change Book Cover

Time for a change?

Please contact us to discuss your organizational-change priorities, and how you can build your internal capacity for change.